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Mass Effect Tabletop RPG: It dawns

New Year’s Eve, I was introduced to a kid who was also a gamer, a friend of a friend kind of deal.  He heard that I was working on creating a campaign for D&D and wanted to see how well it would work.  I had told him that that the biggest issue with the game is the introduction and getting people to understand how the game works.

We talked for a bit, looked over the books real quick.  He told me to try and do something different, something a bit more unique.  A couple days later, a ton of bricks came flying at me.

Mass Effect in the style of D&D

Now, I know that the people I’m playing with, for the most part, haven’t a clue behind what Mass Effect is.  That’s alright.  I plan on creating a game preferably after ME3.  Something that starts simple and eventually turn into a quote that Captain Anderson would say (“Things just got a lot more complicated”).

Over the course of the next few posts, I will be updating my notes on how this game will work, results on some test runs, and some additional notes to go along with everything (Kind of like a 2nd opinion).

Feedback would be wonderful.  I know there are a couple of ME Tabletop games already in existance but I would love to at least create my own version, to actually create my own game that I see through completion.